Worship is a Weapon

Worship is one of the weapons that God has given us to get closer to him in a real genuine way. As we worship we behold the glory of God , as a mirror , face to face, as we encounter Him, this allows our character, our emotions, our state of mind and our spirituality to stay pure, on the contrary it allows the circumstances of life to not contaminate us with insecurities, fears, depression or anxiety. Worship is a weapon towards the enemy and we must become worshipers in spirit and truth. Worship is not singing a song, even though it’s part of it , the heart behind worship is a continuous lifestyle of yielding to God, trusting him and offering our lives as a living sacrifice daily.

With this in mind I want you to listen to this podcast on how to use the weapons God has given us can prepare us for when the enemy invades areas of our lives or whenever unexpected circumstances we cannot control in life happens to us. Here my prayer is that you will continue to worship God and draw closer to him through His spirit. Because God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship him in spirit and in truth. Worship doesn’t change who God is and it doesn’t cause him to change His mind but it definitely causes us to be transformed and changed from the inside out. God is looking for worshipers continuously and not because he needs us to worship him but because worship causes heaven to come to earth, worship causes his kingdom to be established here in our lives. Worship causes our hearts and minds to align to God’s heart and mind in every area of life.

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